Photo Gallery 1


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  1. Ellen Golding says:

    Photograph by Ringo Starr –
    This past weekend I went to my storage space filled with what remains from “Brianna’s room”. I found a picture board that once hung above her computer desk. Mostly friends and happy smiling teenagers, good times…….among them was her friend Jake. I took the picture board with me. Brianna will like that.

  2. edcol52 says:

    What happened to those happy smiling teenagers? If it isn’t too much trouble, I would love to have a copy of any picture you may have with Jake. Thanks, Ellen for all your kind thoughts.

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  4. The very, very last thing on earth that you need worry about is that anyone who knew Jake will forget him. That would be like trying to forget the sun or the best birthday party ever. As much as I grieve for his absence, I smile and am grateful for the gift of his presence. A comet has shot into another part of the universe.

  5. edcol52 says:

    Dammit, Anne, you made me cry with this one. (Easy to do these days.) No, no one who knew him will ever forget him. Thank you.

  6. I lost my son Jake Bensussen on March 1, 2010. I am following your sensitive blog and hoping it willl help me with my grief journey. Jake was 43 and lived in Jerusalem, Israel. He left two children, our blessing, our sabras.

    • edcol52 says:

      I am so sorry for your loss. I can honestly say I know what you are going through. There is no way to make sense of any of this. You are blessed to have his children, our Jake didn’t have a chance to have kids. Thank you for reaching out, and I sincerely hope I can offer some insights that help you on this agonizing journey we are on together. Be well and do stay in touch.

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