Please Stand By

I know the past few posts have been re-blogs of other’s people’s writing. I have been going through a bit of a slump this week; my internal landscape seems to be shifting around. Sharing some of the wonderful discourse that is out here in the blog-o-sphere gives me a little break; I have been pretty lazy in other areas too. Most of what they express resonates with my own experiences and thoughts. There is a multitude of similarity in how we all express ourselves, and yet each of us brings a unique perspective to this dreadful process.

I have some thoughts rattling around on this coming weekend which I will share in a day or two, once I get them straight in my head. As if my head will ever be straight. Anyway, I hope you have appreciated some fresh perspective and insights from other people who are going through this excruciating ordeal. If you are too, remember, always remember – you are not alone.

About edcol52

The Infinite Fountain of Love and Loss flows unceasingly into the pool of memory and sorrow. I created this blog in response to the most dreadful tragedy every parent fears, the death of a child, our 24 year old son, Jake. We are now on an unimagined journey along this road of grief and recovery. If you can find some comfort within these pages, than I will have succeeded in some small measure.
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1 Response to Please Stand By

  1. Kelly says:

    I think many of us rely on writing, reading, and sharing in our personal experiences for survival. Your words, I know, are a great asset to many others. Thank you for opening yourself up and sharing a powerful, valuable message in your times of grief.
    Take your time.

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