My New Blog

Hot Eddie’s is my new blog dedicated to what’s hot in the kitchen and everywhere else.

After many months of chronicling my personal journey through grief at here at The Infinite Fountain, I thought I’d start a blog with a little lighter theme. I have been cooking for many years now, and want to share some of my experiences in the kitchen as well as some of my favorite ‘chile’ themed recipes. While all of the recipes I post won’t have chiles in them, they will all be delicious. I will be posting recipes for some of Jake’s favorite foods and some of his own recipes too. It is another way for me to honor him and remember him. Food and cooking was a big part of our family and our family adventures, so it is only fitting.

I might have some restaurant reviews, maybe share a good cook book or just random and personal thoughts on food, cooking, eating and other culinary and not so culinary activities. We’ll have stuff I like to cook, (and eat) and more often than not the preparation won’t involve elaborate techniques or equipment. Stop by often, we’ll have new stuff up all the time. Come on in and taste what’s cooking.

About edcol52

The Infinite Fountain of Love and Loss flows unceasingly into the pool of memory and sorrow. I created this blog in response to the most dreadful tragedy every parent fears, the death of a child, our 24 year old son, Jake. We are now on an unimagined journey along this road of grief and recovery. If you can find some comfort within these pages, than I will have succeeded in some small measure.
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2 Responses to My New Blog

  1. Well I’m looking forward to seeing more. I am one of those people who at a party am always found hanging out with the kitchen crowd. 🙂

  2. Another great way to honor Jake and keep his memory alive! Thanks for making your first recipe vegan.

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