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In Their Words

In the months since Jake’s death I have received scores of private messages on Facebook, texts, phone calls, emails, voice mails, and snail mail letters from Jake’s friends. I wanted to share some of them with you so you can … Continue reading

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Books and Bowls

Today I got two stacks of letters ready to mail. The first was made up of some bills Jake left behind. I wrote a brief letter explaining the situation to the creditors and printed copies of the death certificate. Seeing … Continue reading

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Forever Young

In reading some of the “grief literature”, and in comments and discussions I have seen, I have learned some new terms. “Grief Spasms”, those paroxysms of anguish that grip, periodically often without warning. “Chronic Sorrow” describes exactly what condition a … Continue reading

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January Sunrise

January 2, 2014 Today I looked out my window in the morning and saw Jake in the golden sunrise in the top of his redwood tree, in a miraculous flock of birds that swept through our yard this afternoon, in … Continue reading

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