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Letting Go of the Dream

I had a session with M., a biofield healer, the other day. She was repairing my energy fields and at one point she said, “You have to let go of your dreams.” I didn’t ask her in what context she meant … Continue reading

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Past or Present?

When talking with people, people who may not be familiar with your story, people who you have just met, there comes a moment that every parent who has lost a child dreads –the question, “So, do you have children?”  If … Continue reading

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The Waiting Room

This is my new blog, The Waiting Room Project. I began the project three years ago while I was waiting for Jake at a doctor’s appointment. I started photographing the waiting rooms I frequently found myself in. It blossomed into … Continue reading

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Books and Bowls

Today I got two stacks of letters ready to mail. The first was made up of some bills Jake left behind. I wrote a brief letter explaining the situation to the creditors and printed copies of the death certificate. Seeing … Continue reading

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One More Day

January 14 I walked out into the warm Los Angeles morning today. The lemon yellow sun was streaming clear low winter light from the perfectly blue sky. I asked our rabbi, who had come over to visit us, how can … Continue reading

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January 13 Bittersweet. Today we went to “arrange” for Jake’s marker stone. Looking at fonts, finishes, stones, working out the text, like we were designing some ghastly business card. Just another surreal episode in this Bizzaro world we now inhabit. … Continue reading

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Pizza Quest

January 12 Today was by turns a bit better and just as bad. We went for coffee along Abbot Kinney, just to get out. It is difficult to walk around in this new world, but necessary. The coffee wasn’t very … Continue reading

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