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What’s in a Number?

Today is the 28th of April. Not a particularly significant date other than it marks four months since our beautiful boy died. Why should this day mean more than any of the previous 121 days since that dreadful 28th? Why do … Continue reading

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The observance of Passover is one of the very first commandments given in the Torah to what will become the Jewish nation. It is a precursor to the creation of The Children of Israel, the bringing together of a subjugated and enslaved minority and making … Continue reading

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Where Are the Dads?

I have been out in the ‘grieving parent blogosphere’ for a while now. There are a lot of mothers posting the most beautifully eloquent writings about their experiences, their lost children, the struggle to rebuild their shattered lives. So far, … Continue reading

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Jake’s Library

Hi, Thank you all for your kind words, sweet deeds, compassion and being dear friends. Many of you have expressed wanting to do something. We’ve decided to create a children’s library at our Shul in honor and memory of our … Continue reading

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Duck Billed Platitudes

There is a reason that during the traditional shiva, the 7 days of mourning following the funeral of a loved one, visitors to the shiva house are not supposed to speak to the mourners. There is absolutely nothing anyone can … Continue reading

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