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Here it Comes. Here it Is. There it Goes.

Last Thursday was Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. Early last week I had it in mind to write a post about the impending holiday, but for reasons described elsewhere, I didn’t. Now that the first of the High Holy … Continue reading

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The Power of Photographs

We have dozens of photographs of Jake around our house, from all different stages of his life. Prior to last December, they ranged from him and his first birthday cake, through 2 year old “Batman” to “Chef Jake” about 13 … Continue reading

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The Beach Hut

The steady beat of waves upon the shore. The sweet salty smell of the ocean Lost treasures wash up onto the beach everything to make a house. The aromas of steaks, chicken, and fish waft from the BBQ Us, isolated … Continue reading

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Jake’s Library

Hi, Thank you all for your kind words, sweet deeds, compassion and being dear friends. Many of you have expressed wanting to do something. We’ve decided to create a children’s library at our Shul in honor and memory of our … Continue reading

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The First Tee

I am standing on the first tee of a beautiful golf course. The soft grey pre-dawn light mutes the colors, the ocean faintly visible in the distance. As I look down the fairway, Jake drives up behind me, alone in … Continue reading

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Too Many Parents

I have been cruising around the web this evening looking at many other sites and pages that deal with grief, loss and recovery. What is so tragic is that there are too many parents that have had the same horrific … Continue reading

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