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The New Header Photo

This is the sunset that ended the day of the last round of golf I played with Jake. The Pete Dye course at the Westin Mission Hills in Palm Springs. Last November. We played until we couldn’t see the ball. Somewhere … Continue reading

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Golfing With(out) Jake

Jake and I played golf throughout his life. We got him his first set of toy clubs when he was three or four. He would hockey the oversized ball around the yard until he had coaxed it into the big plastic “hole” … Continue reading

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It has been a confused week since my last post. So many things to write about and yet so little change overall. I have been missing Jake hugely for the past several days; the intensity seems to be building. My … Continue reading

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So Many Words

Today is the 3-month anniversary of Jake’s death. It is still difficult to believe he is gone. In these past three months, I have written many words, this post will take me past the 30,000 mark, posted hundreds of pictures, … Continue reading

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Last Times, First Times

Another week, another Shabbat, another month past and gone. And yet, it still seems like a moment ago that we learned of Jake’s untimely death. What have I gleaned in this past two months? Not much, other than human beings … Continue reading

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Morning, Afternoon, Evening

Mornings are the hardest. Except it gets bad in the afternoon, and evenings are the worst. There is no time of day when I don’t miss him. What concerns me, is that as time slides by, I don’t miss him … Continue reading

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The Power of Photographs

We have dozens of photographs of Jake around our house, from all different stages of his life. Prior to last December, they ranged from him and his first birthday cake, through 2 year old “Batman” to “Chef Jake” about 13 … Continue reading

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The First Tee

I am standing on the first tee of a beautiful golf course. The soft grey pre-dawn light mutes the colors, the ocean faintly visible in the distance. As I look down the fairway, Jake drives up behind me, alone in … Continue reading

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