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Who Am I?

Originally posted on MourningAmyMarie:
Something is over. In the deepest levels of my existence something is finished, done. My life is divided into before and after. — Lament for a Son, Nicholas Wolterstorff I am unable to re-read my early…

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Another one of those “What Not to Say to Bereaved Parents” posts

Originally posted on Grief: One Woman's Perspective:
I know it’s really hard to know what to say to a bereaved parent. There are some really good books and blog articles out there on what to say or not say, though,…

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If Only Once, If Only for a Little While

This is a web comic dealing with loss, grief and coping. Kinda funny saying ‘comic’ and ‘grief’ in the same sentence, but it is very moving once you figure out what is going on. Worth scrolling to the end, … Continue reading

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The Grief Bandit

I follow a blog called Grieving Dads. It is a forum for men to share their grief and experiences of grief. I commented on a post about the Grief Bandit, lurking in the rocks, waiting to strike. One of the … Continue reading

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what to say when someone loses a child

This from another on grief’s lonely journey. All good things to keep in mind when talking to someone who has experienced the most dreadful thing that can ever happen to a parent.

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How to Help A Grieving Friend

Here is another excellent article from Megan Devine on how to help a grieving friend. It speaks for itself, and if you know someone who has recently lost a loved one, you can help in meaningful, concrete ways. You can’t … Continue reading

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Finding the Words

This is an excellent article appearing in the New Yorker online. Poet Edward Hirsch writes about the loss of his son, Gabriel at age twenty-two. It is a moving and thought-provoking piece. What is uncanny is that some of the … Continue reading

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Lessons of Holiness

Here is an article appearing on the Jewish Press website sent to me today. It speaks of the challenge of bereavement, finding our way forward and keeping our loved ones alive in our hearts. The Lessons of Holiness Even in … Continue reading

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What Suffering Does

Here is an article from the New York Times on Suffering. What Suffering Does It poses some interesting questions and makes some cogent observations. He is correct when he says that you crash through the floor of your personality, into … Continue reading

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Fixing Shiva

Shiva is the seven days immediately following a Jewish burial. It is the very beginning of the mourning process, a process that can take a lifetime. Typically, the mourners stay at home, and members of the community come to call. … Continue reading

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