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About Those 7 Things

Here is a blog post I just read. It is from 2015 and if you are grieving the loss of a child, I am sure you have read or written something like this. I probably read it three years ago … Continue reading

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If Only Once, If Only for a Little While

This is a web comic dealing with loss, grief and coping. Kinda funny saying ‘comic’ and ‘grief’ in the same sentence, but it is very moving once you figure out what is going on. http://hirosemary.com/If-Only-Once-If-Only-For-A-Little-While Worth scrolling to the end, … Continue reading

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Lessons of the Year

December 28, 2014 – 10:15 AM As we mark the one year ‘anniversary’ of Jake’s death, I find myself reflecting on the past twelve months, and what, if anything, I have learned. There have been many lessons, both painful and enlightening. It … Continue reading

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The Grief Bandit

I follow a blog called Grieving Dads. It is a forum for men to share their grief and experiences of grief. I commented on a post about the Grief Bandit, lurking in the rocks, waiting to strike. One of the … Continue reading

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“Grief and Loss”

This showed up today from another blog I follow, Grief and Gratitude. I am still in the sleepwalking phase; I can’t yet say when I might make it to the next phase. But I know, intellectually, that there is another life ahead … Continue reading

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First Shabbat

January 3, 2014 We had our first Shabbat dinner since that terrible day. Laughter and tears as we shared memories. Speaking of Jake in the present rather than the past helped and hurt both at the same time. Helped because … Continue reading

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Dear Universe

Dear Universe, Fuck You. Give him back. Helen: My heart keeps breaking and my eyes keep filling with tears for you and Terry. Don’t know how to make this go away for you or to turn back the clock. My love … Continue reading

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