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The New Header Photo

Jake made this photo of a carousel, taken in London’s Covent Garden, during our last trip to England. It was 2006, the year of our family adventure in Italy. Jake attended a month-long cooking and language school in Bologna and we … Continue reading

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Three Little Words

Today, I won’t go into an exposition on Greek Mythology, no analysis of Modern Art, no philosophy, Natural History, deep insights, happy memories, or photos. Just three little words; I miss him …

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One of Those Days

I haven’t had any really happy days since December 28. I have had somewhat pleasant days, neutral days, numb days, indifferent days, and sad days. For some reason, today is one of the sad ones. I can’t quite place my … Continue reading

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Missin’ You

It’s curious how this works, I still haven’t figured it out. Granted, I am very new at this, but it is all a mystery. Last night we had dinner at our friend’s house. These are people who knew Jake well; … Continue reading

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