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Letting Go of the Dream

I had a session with M., a biofield healer, the other day. She was repairing my energy fields and at one point she said, “You have to let go of your dreams.” I didn’t ask her in what context she meant … Continue reading

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Just Grinding Along

Yeah, that’s how these past few days felt. Just grinding along. Crossing off the days one by one. I have settled into a sort of routine now. Up at 6:35 during the week. Shul by 6:45, Kaddish, and home by 7:15. … Continue reading

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Missin’ You

It’s curious how this works, I still haven’t figured it out. Granted, I am very new at this, but it is all a mystery. Last night we had dinner at our friend’s house. These are people who knew Jake well; … Continue reading

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Today started off just fine. Clear sky, bright yellow sunlight. Everything seemed to be okay. We had a lovely time the previous evening at our friends’ house, eating corned beef hash (one of Jake’s favorites) popping popcorn and watching, or more … Continue reading

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Foggy Days

Yesterday passed in a fog. Outside and inside. When I left the house in the morning, the ocean fog blanketed the world in its grey mantle, softening shapes and sounds. I couldn’t see much more than a couple of hundred … Continue reading

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